Before You Go

As always, when traveling, the less luggage the better. We must point out that while traveling by train, coach areas and sleeping compartments on the train are limited in size and can accommodate limited amounts of luggage. Since not all compartments contain separate closets, we highly encourage guests to bring a hanging garment bag that can be hung in their compartment as an ideal way to carry clothing wrinkle free. Additional luggage that cannot be accommodated in the compartments can be checked into the baggage car of the Amtrak train but there is no access to this luggage while en route. Therefore, we strongly recommend that guests consider packing in one or two bags just for the train part of the journey with the balance of luggage needed checked out of the way in the baggage car. Aboard Amtrak and VIA Rail in Canada, the maximum number of carry-on bags aboard the train is 2 bags per person. Checked baggage aboard the trains should not exceed 36” x 36” x 36” in size and 50 lbs in weight. This weight limit is strictly enforced. Aboard ship, up to four pieces of luggage per person are permitted to be carried in your stateroom. No single bag should exceed 42” x 32” x 42” in size and 50 lbs in weight (other restrictions may be imposed by airlines). It is important to mark each item properly with the owners name, stateroom number, name of ship and sailing date, so that baggage can be collected at the pier and delivered to your stateroom upon embarkation. Because of the volume of suitcases coming aboard ship, yours may not arrive in the stateroom until after sailing. Rest assured that every effort will be made by the cruise line to have them delivered to you as quickly as possible. Items which you are likely to need soon after boarding, such as medicine, should be packed in your carry-on hand luggage.

Aboard Ship Guests are reminded that ships are becoming increasingly casual and that formal clothing is not required, but is suggested. There will be evenings during a cruise when guests might wish to have slightly dressy clothing for the Captains Cocktail Party but a suit for gentlemen and a cocktail dress or pantsuit for ladies is most acceptable.

On formal evenings aboard a ship, gentlemen are requested to wear a tuxedo or dark business suit. Ladies attire may range from evening gowns to cocktail dresses or formal ensembles. Formal wear may always be rented aboard ship for those who wish to do so.

On informal evenings, gentlemen are requested to wear jackets and ties and ladies are requested to wear dresses or the appropriate equivalent.

On Casual nights, please be guided by the theme of the evening, but appropriate casual dress (pants, open neck shirt, etc) is expected.

Daytime wear: For breakfast and lunch in the dining rooms, casual attire is suggested (bathrobes, shorts and swimsuits are not appropriate). Elsewhere on board, dress is casual. You will need swimsuits for the pools, and clothes and footwear suitable for deck games. As the ship is air-conditioned, you may wish to have a lightweight sweater or jacket handy. Clothes for going ashore should be practical and comfortable. In some ports, shorts should not be worn by either men or women, and it is best to dress conservatively. Since the weather on any given cruise may vary depending on the route followed, check your itinerary and pack accordingly. On tropical cruises, light, open- weave, loose-fitting garments are best, but bring a lightweight jacket or sweater for the occasional windy day. On some cruises or transatlantic crossings you may need a light top coat and some sweaters.

Dining Reservations
We will make every effort to accommodate the seating preference you indicate at the time of reservation however, we cannot guarantee that the requests you make can be confirmed in advance of sailing. In the event that your seating request cannot be honored by the cruise line, see your restaurant manager aboard the ship immediately upon embarkation as this is the best way to address changes in dining times or seating arrangements.

Immigration/Foreign Travel
When travelling out of country, it is essential that all guests have proper identification with them. A passport is now required to enter Canada or Mexico and to re-enter the United States. A drivers' license is not considered adequate by United States or International Customs. If you have any questions about proof of citizenship, please contact the US State Department prior to departure so that your concerns might be properly addressed.

For security reasons, visitors are not permitted onboard any ship, in any port, at any time.

On MOST CRUISE LINES: Tipping is pre-arranged on-board. A default tipping amount will be placed on your shipboard account and may be adjusted to any amount you desire or eliminated entirely, so that you may tip in person. A 15% service charge is automatically added to all beverage and wine purchases. Please refer to the informational material enclosed with your final documents for additional tipping advice. ABOARD TRAINS: Tipping is not included. A $3-5 tip is recommended for Waiters and $5-10 for sleeping car porters. While on tour, tips are included for luggage handling at the hotels for one piece of luggage. This is included in your tour package. At different times during your tour, a local guide may join us for a short period of time to provide specific information on a site, region, or city we are visiting. $3-4 per traveller, per day is recommended.

Final Travel Documents
Final travel documents are normally sent 14 days prior to departure. More information on this is included on page 2 of your Invoice/Confirmation. This package will contain everything needed for your travels including: any applicable air/rail tickets, a more detailed Day-To-Day itinerary as well as ‘Helpful Hints’ which will outline the operation of the tour and give specific information on where you will meet our Tour Escort.

Travel Tip
Whenever traveling, it's always a good idea to travel light. Try to just bring the necessities. Too much baggage can drag you down and make it hard to get where you're going. It's also a good idea to carry only a small amount of cash. Do you know what time it is? Sometimes, there may not be a clock handy and you have to check your schedule. Always wear a watch, that way you'll never be late!!